The Cause

Supporting people with developmental disabilities across Chicagoland & beyond for 45 years

esperanza community service

” Esperanza Community Services is an inclusive place where children and adults with developmental disabilities are supported to reach their full potential so that they can live as independently as possible. Students and adult participants are learning, developing skills, and increasing self-esteem. Everyone, no matter his or her ability, has strengths, talents, and aspirations. And at Esperanza, we see achievements every day

Our mission is to provide instruction and services to people with developmental disabilities to reach their fullest potential toward a productive and independent life in the community. This mission is carried out through our programs delivered at our campus in West Town and throughout the community, and is made possible through the support of our generous funders.

Since first opening our doors, Esperanza Community Services has helped thousands of children and adults with developmental disabilities achieve their potential. Esperanza’s roots date to 1969, when a mother decided to create the academic and developmental services that we not available to her disabled son anywhere else. The dedication, commitment and advocacy that helped create Esperanza are still a core part of our work, and we are deeply connected to those we serve and our community.

We have built a reputation among our families as a trusted service provider, and we are uniquely positioned to respond to our culturally diverse community. And our relationships with families sometimes last beyond their student’s career with us. We recently received a letter from a mother of a former student that read, “When we were in crisis, you were there for us. Thank you, Esperanza!”


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